I'm Dan.

I have been providing professional photography and video services for a little more than a decade. We are based out of El Paso, TX and serve the Texas, New Mexico, and Chihuahua, MX areas. Our team is proud to capture events using top notch equipment, artistic perspectives, and quality products; all while ensuring that you, our client, has an excellent experience.

El Paso, TX and beyond

Our home base is in beautiful El Paso, TX. Being in the industry for a little over a decade has given us the opportunity to travel from Louisiana to New Mexico and parts of Mexico. Getting to take our love on the road is one of the greatest things we could imagine.

Being from such a diverse and wonderful city like El Paso has given us the chance to value all kinds of cultures.

We believe 3 basic things in our studio

01. LIVE

You should LIVE in your moment. You shouldn’t have to worry about catching the photo, did you get that on video? We’re here for that so you can enjoy living in your moment.



You should CREATE memories. No matter the occasion, having your photo and video taken should be an actual experience that creates great memories. We provide an experience, not just run of the mill photos.



You should be proud to SHARE those memories with the ones you love. We create easy to share videos and galleries so that you can share them with friends and family, no matter the distance.