Why do I need to hire a photographer for my wedding day?

op 5 reasons to hire a Wedding Photographer:

1. The looks. We love looking back through events and seeing the unique looks that you might not have noticed. That's what we're for! We a pretty much professional people watchers. We look for creative portraits and your formals, yes, but we also look for the sentimental, joyful, fun, and beautiful moments for you to look back on.

2. We've done this before. A lot. More than we can count! Which means we can help out when you hit a "what do we do now" moment. We know the order of the day like the back of our hands. Whether it is getting the court together for the toast, portraits, finding grandma, or helping with a wardrobe malfunction, we got you! And we'll be photographing all the way.

3. You want your photos to look better than iPhone photos. While tech has come a long way, I can't tell you how many times I've had guests come to me and ask why they can't get their photo to look like mine. Simply put, we do this professionally. It's our job to know how to balance a photo. It's our job to keep the sky exposed right while also getting the group photo.

4. Your photos and video are one of the only things you get to keep from your day (besides your spouse). You eat the cake, ride the limo, dance your dance, say your vows, throw the flowers... but you'll have your photos and albums to physically look back on and cherish such a beautiful day forever.

5. You will be able to be fully present and not worry about taking the photos. While you party on, we'll take care of the photos. Plain and simple. Whether you want to set us lose to do our thing (recommended) or put together a list of must-have shots, we got you covered!

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